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Harness the capabilities of AWS cloud services to grow and adapt to your continuously changing business requirements

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Innovative organizations must embrace cloud computing and new tech, swiftly adapting through team realignment, IT upgrades, data leverage, and automation to foster growth.

AWS Cloud Consulting

Engage with our AWS experts to unlock efficiency and drive growth. Our tailored AWS consulting and migration services deliver strategic insights, roadmaps, and resources to synchronize your business objectives with AWS cloud infrastructure.

AWS Data Analytics

Leverage our AWS-certified experts for smart data analytics solutions that drive innovation and optimize your business operations with AWS data & analytics.


Our AWS-certified team enhances ROI using Amazon SageMaker, AWS DeepLens, Forecast, and PyTorch, specializing in Generative AI and custom algorithms through Amazon Bedrock for secure, scalable solutions.

AWS Cloud Migration

Revamp your company's infrastructure, processes, and applications seamlessly with our AWS cloud migration services, ensuring minimal disruptions and data integrity.

AWS Managed services

Leverage our AWS expertise for enhanced app deployment, performance monitoring, incident resolution, and scalable efficiency for superior business results.

AWS Containerization

Harness Amazon's top container services including ECS, EKS, Docker, and Kubernetes with our AWS-certified experts. We customize solutions to fit your needs, ensuring less downtime and smoother maintenance.

AWS DevOps

For high-paced companies aiming to swiftly build and deliver applications, our AWS DevOps services streamline your software release process, boosting business agility and speeding up value delivery from concept to production.

AWS application development

Leverage our AWS expertise for agile, cloud-native development. Utilize advanced tools and best practices to build or enhance secure, scalable applications efficiently.

AWS Modernization - Platform Engineering

Modernize your legacy applications with our tailored approach, leveraging AWS professional services and our expert management team. Elevate your IT operations with agile infrastructure and modern governance.


Accelerate your smart product launches with Avnet’s IoTConnect platform, powered by our AWS partnership. Enjoy complete device management, flexible connectivity, and a variety of pre-built business applications.

AWS Security

Accelerate market entry and enhance your connected products with Avnet's IoTConnect, powered by AWS. Enjoy comprehensive device management, seamless connectivity, and pre-built business apps with assured AWS security.

AWS Cost Optimization

Maximize your AWS savings with our comprehensive cost optimization services. Our experts analyze your usage, identify saving opportunities, and implement strategies to reduce expenses without sacrificing performance.

Discover the AWS Service Journey with Findernest Solutions

Findernest delivers expert AWS consulting, ensuring scalability, security, and efficiency from start to finish. We enhance your AWS journey with comprehensive solutions, robust services, cost savings, and full support.

Audit & Assessment

  • Gathering Critical Insights
  • Assessing IT Infrastructure
  • Evaluate AWS needs
  • Create a cloud roadmap

Solution Delivery

  • Develop AWS solutions
  • App migration & upgrade
  • Application testing & integration
  • Solution refinement

Efficient Deployment & Automation

  • Deploy solutions via CI/CD pipeline
  • Leverage AWS scaling & resilience
  • Leverage AWS DevOps
  • Utilize Docker & Microservices

AWS Maintenance & Support

  • Efficient AWS Maintenance
  • Round-the-clock issue resolution
  • Maximize performance
  • Maximize AWS potential

Tech Innovations and Strategies

Microsoft on AWS

Microsoft on AWS

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft applications on AWS with our tailored solutions. Effortlessly streamline deployment, enhance scalability, and fortify security to attain unmatched agility and efficiency in your operations.



Transition your SAP ecosystem to the cloud effortlessly with our tested strategy. We reduce interruptions, safeguard your data's integrity, and refine your infrastructure to boost both efficiency and flexibility.

Oracle on AWS

Oracle on AWS

Unlock the full power of Oracle enterprise software on AWS under the guidance of our experts. We simplify the implementation process, create secure and scalable environments, and enhance the efficiency of your cloud expenditure.

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